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The Rite of Christian Funerals offers a wide selection of scriptural readings for use at a funeral. Normally, the relatives of the deceased choose the readings, the responsorial psalm, and the gospel acclamation to be used at the funeral Mass. In choosing the appropriate reading we should to seek find in the readings a particular idea which best expresses the quality of Christian living of the deceased and sets before us the basis of our faith - the Resurrection of Christ and our hope of Resurrection.

Please choose one reading from the Old Testament, a Responsorial Psalm, a New Testament reading, a Gospel Acclamation, and a Gospel reading.

You may ask someone in the family, a relative or a friend to read the readings you have chosen. It is usually wise to ask someone familiar with reading in the church and who will not get upset. The same person, or another, may read the Prayers of Intercession which will be provided by the parish. The parish organist will help you to select the music and hymns you feel best express the faith of the Church and the faith of the deceased. To help you in your choice, you may borrow a hymn book from the church but we would appreciate your returning this as soon as possible. Please choose hymns that are widely known and which those attending will sing out as fitting praise and prayer to God.

Choose one hymn for the ENTRANCE; one Hymn for the PREPARATION OF THE GIFTS; two hymns for the COMMUNION and one hymn for the EXIT from the Church. Note that hymns to Our Lady or the Saints should not be sung at Communion time. If a hymn to Our Lady or the Saints is thought to be appropriate, then the best setting for such a hymn is at the end as the coffin is led from the Church.

May the Faithful Departed rest in peace. Amen.

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