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The Legion of Mary

We hold our meetings on Thursday afternoons at 2.15 in the Cathedral Hall.

Every parish praesidium (the name given by the Legion to each legion group) operates under a title of Our Blessed Lady and so our praesidium is Our Lady Queen of Peace.

We meet to pray the rosary and to read, reflect and discuss a spiritual reading which has been allocated to us the previous week. This reading is usually, though not always, taken from the Legion handbook. We also report on work carried out in the course of the week. This can include visits to the sick and housebound and to each of the 4 residential nursing homes in the parish. These and any other works are always undertaken with the full knowledge and approval of the parish priest. In all those we meet in the course of these works we try to ensure that the person of Our Lord is seen and served by Mary His Mother.

Further information on the history, aims and spirit of the Legion can be found on the Legion website:www.legionofmary.ie