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In ancient times Paisley was famed throughout Scotland as one of our land’s four places of pilgrimage and devotion. Here, the shrine of Our Lady of Paisley was held in high esteem by the devout of the kingdom, from kings to commoners.

The Abbey was enclosed by a mile-long wall with statues in its niches, and one of the  Virgin Mary faced the Glasgow Road. Near it was the inscription, “Go not this way unless you have said Ave Maria. Let him be always a wanderer who will not say Ave to thee. (Hac ne vade via nisi dixeris Ave Maria, Sit semper veni via,qui non tibi dicet Ave.)

Recently one of our priests has encouraged parishioners and school children to offer a Hail Mary every day for Bishop John and already one million have been prayed.

Our diocese is on the way to renewal but we dare not go without saying our Ave. With an Ave a day we will not wander aimlessly but will reach Our Lady’s hope for us to hear her Son say to Paisley, See, I make all things new!

Please pray a Hail Mary every day to Our Lady of Paisley for Bishop John and the Diocese.