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St Mirin’s Cathedral

Cathedral House

Cathedral Precincts

Incle St, Paisley


Tel: 0141 889 2404

Deacon Pat Doogan

Rev Fr  Oliver Freney

Diocesan Email:  stmirinscathedral@rcdop.org.uk

Rev Fr  Jonathan Whitworth

St Mirin’s Bulletin  -  1st March 2020



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Deacon Jack Gallagher (Ret)

Community Prayer Times
Sunday Masses: Vigil Saturday 5.30pm. Sunday : 8, 10,12 noon. Polish Mass 2.30pm.
Weekday Masses: 8am 10am and 1pm.
Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament: Tues­day, Wednesday and Thursday after the 10am Mass till 12.45pm. Saturday after the 10am Mass until 11am.
Confessions: after 10am Mass on Saturday until 11am 5pm 5.30pm. Or on request.

The prayers of St. Mirin's Community have been requested for the sick of our parish.
For those who have died: Roisin Lynch, James Mullen,
for the anniversaries of:

Maria Castlelvecchi, Stewart Findlay, Margaret McNamara, Michael Doherty, Margaret Sheils, Ellen McGarrigle, Joseph Kennedy, Howard Cairney, Robert Harkins. Eternal Rest grant unto them O Lord....

Special Collection - Sick and Retired Clergy 8th March: We remember our Sick & Retired Priests of the diocese with great love and affection. We have eighteen re­tired priests, still active in prayer and witness: one living in Rome, two in Chile, six in houses throughout the diocese, three in parish presbyteries, and six at the Resi­dence of the Little Sisters along with Bishop John Cunningham. We thank God for the gift of these priests and keep them in our prayers. In 2019 our three special collections and Friends Campaign and rental income raised £78,985, which repre­sents 37% of our expenditure of £211,116. i.e. a shortfall of £132,131, of which £93,359 was met by the Sick & Retired Priests Designated Fund Investment income.

Government Consultation on Changing Legal Gender: The Scottish Government is consulting on new legislation around the ability to legally change gen­der. Consultation closes on 17th March. The Catholic Parliamentary Office has prepared a four page briefing to help people engage with the consultation process. The briefing can be accessed via https: / /rcpolitics.org/briefing-gender-recognition -reform-scotland-bill/ Please consider responding to the consultation. Anyone can access and respond to the consultation at https://consult.gov.scot/family-law/gender-recognition-reform-scotland-bill/.

Taize Lenten Reflections: On the Sundays of Lent Year A: St Aidan's Tuesday 24th March at 7pm. Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament, Confessions availa­ble during the hour. St Mir in's Cathedral Choir will lead the singing. Teas afterwards in Hall.

Lent Retreat: A Lenten retreat group will again meet weekly in St Columba's Oratory, Ren­frew, starting on Tuesday 25th February 2020. Following the theme: ‘Journey into Freedom: a Retreat based in the Spiritual Exercises of St Ignatius Loyolayou are invited to meet togeth­er from 7 - 8.30 pm each week to share reflection and prayer. A free Retreat book with read­ings, pictures and prayer sug­gestions will be available on the first evening. All welcome.

Taize Evening: The Diocese of Paisley will be facilitating a 'Taize evening' for our youth (si upwards) at St. Fergus, Paisley on Tuesday 10th March at 7pm. Led by Bishop John and two volunteers from the Taize community in France. The evening will be modelled on the practices of the Taize community in France, the evening will consist of communal prayer, song, silence, personal reflection and sharing. Un­der 16s should bring a completed consent form. These can be obtained from your parish or by e-mailing Fr. John Morrison - vocations@rcdop.org.uk.

Adult Formation Survey: The Diocese of Paisley is committed to Adult Formation and seeks your views. Please complete this survey on the Educa­tion Department page of http://www.rcdop.org.uk , indicating topics which you would like to be presented/addressed by the diocese, as well as preferred methods of presentation. Many thanks to those who have responded already - all responses will help to shape Adult Formation in the diocese.

Lenten Station Masses: Bishop John will again be celebrating Station Masses around the diocese this Lent. Please come to your local Mass (St Menu's 11th March). His 7.00pm Station Mass will be the only Mass in your cluster that day, to allow our priests and people to join him. Station Mass is simply Mass with the Bishop that replicates the ancient custom of the Popes to go out to 'station parishes' around Rome leading up to Easter. Bishop John's homilies will be a catechesis on the meaning of the Creed as a simple summary of what Catholics believe. There will be Eucharistic Adoration and Confessions available from 6.00pm. Maybe some will make your Lenten discipline to journey to all of these Masses.

Marriage Matters: (www.twoinoneflesh.org.uk) First tempted to be­come independent, to turn away from the love of God. In marriage, we can think we have a right to fulfil our own desires without con­sidering our partner, but we need to share these deepest hopes and dreams, and be prepared to hear the impact on our loved one and our relationship.

Diocesan Pilgrimage to Lourdes: The Pilgrimage takes place from 26 June -2 July 2020. For more information please contact Fr Gerry McNellis stninian@rcdop.org.uk