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Minutes of the meeting of St Mirin’s Parish Pastoral Council, 25th September 2018
Present: Stephen Thomas, Linda Park, Caroline O’Neill, Jim Keeney, Charles Edgar,
James O’Neill, Jim Cairns, June Clunie.
The meeting began with a prayer after which Canon Oliver welcomed those present.
Finance report
A report of the finances of the parish was presented to the group, based on figures
prepared by accountants in the diocesan finance office.
The following observations were made:
Many parishioners seem to be under the false impression that the parish
has no debt. This is not the case, although our total debt (to the diocese) is going
down. A short financial statement, summarizing the details of the report, should be
made available to parishioners - everyone should be made aware of how well the
 parish has done to bring debt down to current level and how far we still have to go.
Gift-aid income is relatively low for the overall level of contributions - this may be
because parishioners do not realize that it does not cost them anything.
Some work on the hall would seem to be necessary. Although it might seem
preferable to reduce parish debt before embarking on this, on balance it will
probably be more advantageous to go ahead with work sooner rather than later.
Use of parish hall
Hall lets currently charged at £35 per hour. This is to help recoup the significant
cost of heating, lighting etc. It is not clear if the hall is covering its costs, or indeed
 if it could be an income stream for the parish. An investigation into this was
proposed by the council and will be undertaken by two members. A booking form for
 the use of the hall is also to be developed.
Live-streaming of Sunday Mass
Members were, overall, in favour of this idea. Would be of great benefit to
housebound parishioners. Local churches (including St Andrew's Cathedral in
Glasgow) already offer this service. Canon Oliver will look into this.
Mass times
General support from the council for the idea of reducing Sunday Mass times
to two Masses in the morning. Several issues will have to be taken into
consideration, including parking.
The meeting concluded with a prayer and blessing.
Date of next meeting: 30th October 2018, 7.30pm.