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Cathedral Restoration Project


Our Fund Target is:   £1,200,000

Our Funds, including Diocesan and Parish Funds as well as a confirmed grant from Heritage Lottery Fund for up to £125,000, stand so far at: £500,000

Phase One : Work on the roof and restoring the ceiling and windows.

Phase Two : New ramps and entrance.

The Work Needing to be done

St Mirin's Parish was founded in 1808. A new and bigger church was needed by the turn of the 20th Century. When it opened in 1932, it won the admiration of the whole town of Paisley.

Today over 80 years later, due to wear and tear from its age and the Scottish weather, it was necessary to embark on this restoration project.

The Church of St Mirin has served the Diocese of Paisley as a Cathedral since 1948 and is currently the see of our Bishop, Right Rev John Keenan. It is a bustling and busy parish, served by three priests at present, providing Sunday and Weekday Masses for about 2000 people each week. We celebrate around 90 Baptisms a year, about 25 Weddings and 60 Funerals. The Cathedral hosts a number of Diocesan and Parish special events throughout the year. We also open as a venue for Musical Events for Musicians and Choirs both locally and from as far afield as Russia and the USA, since its acoustics are superb.

We are calling on the whole community to help us in the restoration project of this beautiful church. The type of work needing done includes restoring the roof slates with new nails as well as replacing broken slates, damaged lead, cast iron gutters and down pipes. The interior ceiling needs replastering and painted and windows which are warping or have rotten timber frames need restored. Full rewiring also is required.

New Entrance

The new ramped entrance to the Cathedral will assist easy wheel chair access. The doors are being redesigned to allow easier access, and the front of the Cathedral entrance is being paved, which will enhance the look that the Cathedral presents to the whole town.

How Can I Help ?

A fundraising committee was set up to assist in this mammoth task. It is made up of many people who give their time and effort to make this project successful.

You can help by:

How Else Can I Help?

To find out more: Please contact our website www.saintmirins.org.uk

Or contact us at : Phone: (+44) 0141 889 2404 E-mail: stmirinscathedral@rcdop.org

Saint Mirin Pray for Us